Innovative techniques for active and creative learning

Do you want to learn Spanish in a way that keeps you motivated and challenged?

Flipspanish active learning techniques will help you become an efficient user of Spanish. You will enjoy the learning process and keep your motivation flying high.


Collaborative Learning

Learning a language cannot happen without interaction, this is why it is crucial that we share and cooperate with others. Flipspanish is designed to create an environment where collaboration can take place, where you can share what you learn. Thus, we make use of the best online tools to aid interaction among our learners.

Speak like a native

We have a system to help you to master the rhythm and sound of Spanish so you can understand native speakers better. We teach you the collocations and fixed expressions that native speakers use. Using them will help you to communicate more efficiently without needing to translate from your native language.

Learn by doing

We learn not just by receiving something but by doing something with it.  In Flipspanish we believe that creating is the best way to achieve mastery. Most of our activities are task-based. We teach you how to use online tools to create your own multimedia contents and share them with a community of Spanish learners.

We don't just want you to learn, we want you to thrive

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”


Build your confidence to communicate in Spanish

In Flispanish we flip the traditional way of learning languages. With the aid of technology, we aim to recreate an online immersion-like experience and help you build your Spanish communication skills.


We support you and teach you strategies to interact in Spanish from the onset, helping you to overcome any stumbling block so you can make fast progress in your journey towards fluency.



A big issue in learning a new language is speaking and often that is the main problem for beginners.

In Nuria’s Spanish lessons we not only talk a lot with other students but also get the chance to do recordings of our conversations and getting feedback on it. On top of that, it is helpful to listen to yourself speak and thereby noticing your improvement over time.

 I can highly recommend learning Spanish with Nuria. You will definitely enjoy the courses as much as I did and soon be speaking Spanish fluently.

I worked with Nuria during 2 academic semesters and it was an amazing experience. It was my first attempt to learn Spanish and Nuria was very helpful and supportive to me. Flipspanish is an excellent Spanish learning platform for practicing speaking and listening as well as internalizing vocabulary, collocations and learning grammar in a natural way. The Flipspanish assignments are a lot of fun. If you want to start learning Spanish, I recommend you start studying with Nuria because she exactly knows how to deal with beginner Spanish learners. If there is anything you want to ask please do not hesitate to contact me, dilanhazar@sabanciuniv.edu, good luck!

I started taking the Spanish beginners course with low expectations due to my experience with high school Spanish lessons. I was really eager to learn Spanish but I failed miserably. When I met Nuria, her motivation to teach Spanish helped me get excited again so I continued learning with her. She used a lot of materials, like the site Fipspanish, to teach us and to make the lessons fun. I am really glad I had the chance to learn from her and I believe I will not have any difficulties when I visit Spain. 🙂

Try our method


If you want to try our teaching approach, I propose you to do our free taster course. This is a short and practical course where you can get a taste of our learning techniques.

Whether you have zero knowledge or have some Spanish formal training, you can do this free course and get a sense of this highly effective way of learning. After it, you can decide for yourself if it inspires you to keep learning Spanish with us or not.


✓ Listen to real native speaker conversations.

✓ Learn to mimic the Spanish sounds and rhythm and understand native speakers better.

 ✓ Techniques on how to memorize and use common expressions and words from a range of communicative situations.

✓ Fun and engaging activities to learn grammar in a natural way.

✓ Using online tools (voice messaging, etc) to aid oral interaction.

✓ Task-based activities: Create videos, podcasts and more in  Spanish!

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